Shock As Mzungu Spiritualist Speaks With Brian Chira From His Grave To Reveal Who K!lled Him

A mzungu spiritual card reader Kandi Starr, claims to have communicated with the late Brian Chira from his grave to shed light on what happened to him.

Even days after his burial, Brian Chira remains a topic of interest among many.

His journey to fame began in December 2022 when he gained widespread attention after being interviewed by a local TV station as a witness to a road accident. During the viral interview, Chira’s fluent English and captivating personality captured the hearts of viewers, catapulting him into online stardom.

Despite facing challenges like losing his parents at a young age and having to leave university due to financial constraints, Chira persevered.

Raised by his grandmother, Esther Njeri, since he was eight years old, Chira’s resilience and determination were evident in his efforts to make a name for himself.

Tragically, on the night of 16th March, Chira’s life was cut short when his body was discovered on a roadside in Kiambu county. He had been struck by a lorry that fled the scene, leaving behind a community in mourning for the 23-year-old.

In the midst of grief and unanswered questions surrounding his untimely passing, Oracle card reader Kandi Starr, tried to seek clarity with her cards as Kenyans asked her to reveal every detail possible. Pre-meditated, Anger, Caution came out her reading.

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