Ads Types We Offer

Banner Ads

We offer different types of Banner Ads that will be strategically placed on different parts of our website that will push amazing traffic or awareness to your products and services.


Types of Banner Ads we offer

Leaderboard Banner Ads
300×250 Top Of Post Banner
300×250 Sidebar Banner Ads
Billboard Banner Ads (Middle Of Post)
Mobile Leaderboard (350×100)
Wide Skyscrapper (300×600)
Site Background Takeover
Pop Up Banner Ads
Push Down Banner Ads
Sticky Footer Ads (Catfish Ads)
Homepage Slider Billboard

Video Ads

Video Advertising is the way to go this era as visual is the simplest way to get a message across these days.

When you are thinking of running any Campaign, a video Ads should always be your first consideration as it has 70% conversion rate ahead of traditional Banner Ads.

Companies are taking note; over 87% of online Advertisers now use video content. While graphics and copy can make the difference, video can go even further. Advertisers who use video can see revenue growth 70% faster than non-video Ads.

As such, we can get your Video Ads running on Hitztv using some amazing Ads unit.

Your video will be strategically placed on different part of our website so your campaign can be a huge success.



Types of Video Ads we offer

300×250 Top Of Post Video Ads
300×250 Sidebar Video Ads
Middle Of Post Billboard Video Ads
Homepage Video Billboard Ads

Text Ads

Want your Ads placed on Hitztv but don’t want to use Banner, Video or other Ads format?

Then Text Ads is the best option for you as it can capture people’s attentions better than any other Ads format.

Imagine people seeing a clickable text like the one above on Hitztv, the result/conversion is always between 95% to 100%.

We have 3 placement types for our Text Ads, see below


Types of Text Ads we offer

Text Ads Below All Site Posts
Text Ads At The Middle Of All Site Posts
Text Ads Placed On Site Homepage

Sponsored Post

Do you want a Post about your Products, Services, Event or anything at all on Hitztv website?

We can get your Post published on our website and also share it across all our Social media pages so that Nigerians and everyone around the World can get to read about it.

Your post will be highly visible on Search engines because we have a very strong SEO that will help you a lot.

Types of Sponsored posts we offer:-

Awareness Sponsored Blog Post
Marketing Sponsored Blog Post
Sticking/Pinning Of Sponsored Post On Homepage
Social Media Sponsored Post


– Have another Ads format/type in mind?

– Don’t know the Ads format to go for? Tell us your Budget and we will draw out a plan for you

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NOTE:- We do not refund payment once you pay for any of our Ads.