Hitztv stems from the founder’s desire to connect people together and give them a medium online in which they could find a place to be entertained, educated, and learn about the world around them.
Many social media sites promote each value individually, but it is near-impossible to find one where these all come methodically in one.
Hitztv covers entertainment news, music, beauty and lifestyle, events – bringing you all the juicy stories and latest news you need to know. Word of mouth traveled fast for a reason and it’s the perfect mix of entertainment, events, interviews, fashion plus fabulous.'”

Hitztv has been the leading entertainment and news website that publishes trusted, accurate and factual news in a timely manner. The website publishes about celebrity lifestyle from a African perspective.

Over the Years, Hitztv has grown so Big to Cater for the evergrowing needs of Information on the Internet, Created in 2016. Our Mission is to become the Best Online Portal delivering world Content




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