“Tulikuwa Tunaitana Bro, Haikupita Hapo” Tizian Speaks On His Relationship With The Late Chira

King Tizian, a former nduthi guy, has revealed the genesis of allegations that he was a romantic partner of the late Brian Chira.

In an interview with Radio Maisha, Tizian said the claims emerged when he did a video with Chira and Chira was twerking.

“I think kuna video tulifanya and he was twerking on the video watu wakaanza kusema hapana nyinyi wawili tunashuka. So unajua tu tumour ikianza lazima waeneze so wakaanza kusema tunadate, ye ni bibi yangu kulikuwa na maneno mengi”he said.

The allegations however did not see them stop being friends. Tizian admits that at first, such allegations used to affect him but he outgrew them.

“Haikufanya tukakosana.At first ilikuwa inaniaffect sana ulikuwa unaenda kwa hio pikipiki wanasema wewe ni wa hio mrengo ingine wanakuhepa. Nilikuwa confused, it was a tough journey but kuna mahali ilifika nikasema let me toughen up,” he said.

His family got wind of the allegations and began to worry hoping that it was not true.

The duo, who were in their early twenties, met in Nakuru last year, when Tizian started trending as a cute nduthi guy.

Chira looked for him, as he was studying in Kabarak University in Nakuru, and they began making content.

What made Tizian stick with Chira was that he bought him KFC, for the first time in his life, shortly after they had began getting acquainted with each other.

Tizian however says that he was not involved romantically with Chira, insisting that their relationship was purely friendship.

“Sikujali kile walikuwa wanasema mimi nilienda tu kufanya video na yeye. Urafiki tuliokuwa nao ni urafiki tu wa kawaida, tunaitana bro, haikupita hapo. Vile tuliona jina zetu mbili combined zinaleta numbers, ilibidi tu hatukuwa na choice. Ye anataka kuwa relevant na mimi nataka jina so  we had to work together,” he said.

“I am very straight,” he further said and declined to respond on whether he has a girlfriend or not




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