XXXTentacion Net Worth 2023: Biography, Career and Controversy


What is XXXtentacion Net Worth 2023? An in-depth three-week investigation of XXXTentacion’s financial and artistic career reveals that his net worth of $5.5 million at the time of his sad death in June 2018 was a tribute to his deep effect on the music business.

His distinct blend of emo, trap, indie rock, nu metal, hip hop, and punk rock gained him not just a devoted following but also pushed genre limits.

Some people and bands had a significant influence on his musical tastes. He became well-known for his productions. He also cooperated with Ski Mask, with whom they made records as a group.

Perhaps you know a few things about XXXTentacion, but how much do you know about him? For example, what age is he? his net worth, controversies, and other information.

In another situation, XXXTentacion may be unfamiliar to you; fortunately, we have assembled all of the information you need to know about XXXTentacion’s biography,  personal life, current net worth, career, professional life, and other details. So, if you’re all set, here’s what I know. XXXTentacion Net Worth 2023

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Early Life

XXXTentacion was born on January 23, 1998, in Florida as Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy. He spent most of his boyhood in Florida, specifically Lauderhill and Pompano Beach.

He was enrolled in a chorus because he loved music at a young age, but he disliked the procedures for following notes and getting into fights with other youngsters, which led to his dismissal from the choral group.

Because of his offensive behavior, he caused problems for his mother, and their connection was strained. As a result, when he was a teenager, he was asked to leave the house where he lived with his mother, and he moved in with his grandmother. In addition, his mother faced financial difficulties, forcing him to leave his home.

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After being dismissed from the choir group, he generally went to Sheridan House Family Ministries to listen to music that included hard rock, nu-metal, and rap music, which gave him a sense of playing guitar or keyboard.

Many people ignored him because of his chaotic personality, and when he was six years old, he stabbed a man who wanted to kill his mother.

He spent much of his early adolescent years in jail after being caught with a gun at such a young age. In jail, he met other rappers like Slump Rap and Ski Mask, with whom he created the rap group Members Only.

In 2014, he released his first song on SoundCloud, called Vice City. Full versions of songs and teasers were also created so that they could be published.

He released two albums in 2015, Members Only Vol. 1 and Members Only Vol. 2. In 2016, he published further songs such as Willy Wonka Was a Child Murderer and Look at Me, which had a wide range of success. He re-released Look at Me in 2017, which landed him on the US Billboard Chart hit list.

His first album, Revenge, was published in 2017 and had eight mixtape tracks. XXXTentacion used to publish video games and vlogs on his YouTube account, which he usually enjoyed.

Legal Issues

Following his initial stay in a juvenile correctional center for gun possession, Onfroy continued to face legal issues.

Two years later, he was arrested and charged with robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, and home invasion. In the same court action, XXX was also charged with false detention, witness tampering, and aggravated violence against a pregnant victim.

He was then placed under house arrest. During this period, a video surfaced showing Onfroy abusing a woman in 2013.

Later in 2018, audio recordings surfaced in which XXXTentacion allegedly admitted to a variety of crimes, including domestic abuse and stabbings.

The majority of these admissions appeared to concentrate around XXX’s former girlfriend, Geneva Ayala, who has accused the rapper of severe abuse. Ayala said that the artist repeatedly threatened to commit suicide in her presence.

Since his death, many have noted XXXTentacion’s complex legacy. While he is praised for “giving depression and mental health issues a voice,” he is also accused of abusing several people without remorse. In fact, some of his songs overtly promote causing harm to others.

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In October 2017, reports arose that XXXTentacion had signed a $6 million record deal. Following the announcement of this big contract, XXX abruptly terminated the agreement for unexplained reasons.

Later findings revealed that in the weeks leading up to his sad death, XXXTentacion signed a new deal, this time worth $10 million, with a firm called Empire for the publication of his future album.

Estate Disputes

Following XXXTentacion’s death, his half-brother Corey Pack and the artist’s mother, Cleopatra Bernard, engaged in a legal struggle over his fortune.

Corey Pack sought wider access to a trust fund allegedly established by XXXTentacion for Pack and two other beneficiaries, demanding at least $11 million in damages.

Jodi Kavney, Pack’s mother, filed the case on her son’s behalf, alleging Bernard of arranging a plot to deplete the trust money for personal gain.

According to the claims, Bernard was only supposed to receive half of the trust monies, with Pack and XXXTentacion’s brother, Aiden Kerr, splitting the other half. Kaveny claimed that Bernard illegally transferred the full amount into her own accounts.

As a result, Kavney and her son are seeking up to $33 million in damages, as long as they can prove Bernard’s purposeful theft of cash.

Real estate

According to reports from 2018, XXXTentacion was in the process of shifting to a $1.4 million home when he died unexpectedly.

The 6,000-square-foot home in Parkland, Florida, was only a 15-minute drive from the scene of the rapper’s tragic death.

The property, which boasted almost an acre of land, a swimming pool, and four bedrooms, was the artist’s focus in his dying days. Notably, a construction crew was busily working on creating an imposing security barrier around the perimeter, which could indicate XXXTentacion’s knowledge of potential threats.

Before his death, the late rapper purchased at least four residences for his family members. Among them was a $3.4 million home for his mother, which XXXTentacion personally chose.

This particular home, also in Parkland, Florida, extended over 15,000 square feet and included six bedrooms, getting high marks from realtors for its entertainment possibilities. The property radiated grandeur with its towering ceilings, large entryway, and sweeping staircase, and XXXTentacion’s mother finally moved there.

Subsequent investigation of real estate records revealed that XXXTentacion purchased four houses in South Florida in 2018, all for family use.

The total investment in these homes was $1.7 million, with individual values ranging from $420,000 to $500,000. Each of these properties had at least three bedrooms, demonstrating the rapper’s devotion to providing accommodation for his family.

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Personal Life

XXXTentacion dated Geneva Ayala, but they eventually split up owing to an increase in tensions over XXXTentacion’s charges of abuse.

XXXTentacion was shot on June 18, 2018, and died during a robbery attempt in Florida. Two individuals in an SUV shot him as he was exiting a motorsports store, killing him.

XXXTentacion Net Worth 2023

XXXTentacion net worth is expected to be $5 million in 2024, as of his death in June 2018. This was a large part of his career path, which had already taken a promising turn. At a young age, his tracks were popular, generating a lot of money from downloads and album sales.

XXXTentacion was always a difficult person to interact with. He claimed that he had not received adequate training during his upbringing.

He was arrested and charged multiple times with assault with lethal weapons, robbery, and even false imprisonment for witness tampering. It is believed that he died while still possessing a large archive of unreleased music.