Retired Terry G Cries Out, Reveals How He Worked With ‘Dubious Team’ That Ruined His Music Career

  • Terry G discusses the circumstances that led to the downfall of his music career, highlighting the efforts of his ‘dubious team’ who worked tirelessly to destroy his achievements.
  • Terry G accused his former management of overbooking him, even when he wasn’t available, in an intriguing Instagram post.
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Terry G, a well-known musician, discusses the events that led to the downfall of his music career, particularly his ‘dubious team’, who worked diligently to destroy everything he worked for.

In an intriguing Instagram post, he criticised his old management for allegedly overbooking him even when he was not available.

Terry G also stated that they refused to refund show promoters for events he could not attend, which caused problems for his business.

In the final section of his page’s letter, he apologised to the show promoters who had been affected by his dubious team.

In his words;

“To all show promoters. I worked with a dubious team (managers) which created a false narrative about me they accepted bookings without me the blame on me without my knowledge. I am only but human and I use this platform to apologize for all that I’m happy to clear this out as it has been reasons why y’all haven’t been hearing or seeing terry g. Thank you. Terry G.”

In another post, he affirmed clearing all issues with DJs across the country that caused his ban and prevented his music from being played.

“To all deejays. I have been cleared from the ban I had years ago I have settled. I’m putting this out for the great ones who haven’t heard the information since 2020 to know that I’m no longer banned by the DJ association. Terry G,” he added.

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