Kcee mocks Harrysong over claims of writing his hit songs

  • Kcee, a renowned singer and co-founder of Five Star Music, has criticized Harrysong for allegedly writing most of his chart-topping songs during his tenure.
  • Harrysong has repeatedly accused Kcee and his brother, E-Money, of withholding his artistic rights and asserting that he wrote many of Kcee’s popular songs.
“Please help me beg him” – Harrysong calls out Kcee over unpaid debt, royalties

Famous musician and co-founder of Five Star Music, Kcee, mocks his former signee, Harrysong, for constant accusation of writing majority of his chart-topping songs while with the company.

It is worth mentioning that Harrysong has often accused Kcee and his brother, E-Money, of denying him artistic rights, claiming that he authored many of Kcee’s successful songs.

In the most recent Afrobeats podcast interview, Kcee clarified Harrysong’s charges.

According to him, Harrysong was still in the village with his grandmother when Kcee and his previous partner, Presh, won the Star Quest talent show and signed a contract with Kennis Music to record three albums.

He went on to say that despite leaving Five Star Music eight years ago, He (kcee) continues producing hit songs independently.

Kcee voiced worry for Harrysong’s well-being, implying that he might need spiritual advice, considering his reported conflicts with his wife and former manager, Soso.

In his words, “When I won Star Quest, Harrysong was in the village with his grandmother. I did three albums with Kennis Music, did Harrysong write those? Harrysong has a problem, we need to pray for him. Jokes apart, we need to pray for him.”

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