“Why I chose to walk out of my marriage” – Odion Ighalo’s estranged wife spills

Sonia Ighalo, the wife of popular footballer Odion Jude Ighalo, has opened up on what made her leave her marriage with him.

The mother of three stated in a post on her Instagram page that she chose to leave the marriage for the sake of her children and not because she was tired of fighting with her man.

"Why I chose to walk out of my marriage" – Odion Ighalo's estranged wife spills
Sonia Ighalo. Photo Source: Instagram.

In her post, she urged women who are married to learn to stand up for themselves.

She also asked married women to ensure that they do not let any mother-in-law step into and control their homes.

"Why I chose to walk out of my marriage" – Odion Ighalo's estranged wife spills
Sonia Ighalo and husband, Jude Ighalo.

Sonia wrote:

β€œI also want to use this opportunity to encourage every woman out there. I read a few of your messages… Sis, let no one intimidate you, let no evil MIL control your home. Stand up for yourself and your children. Remember, Luke 10:19 says GOD has given us power to tread against scorpions and serpents. Be prayerful, trust me. If not for prayers and my boldness, I would have been forgotten by now. I chose to walk out of my marriage not because I was tired of fighting but because I chose my children over marriage. Remember, I got married at 19, and I invested so much in my marriage as a real African woman who would do anything to see her husband succeed.

Flashback to when a famous Naija actress who married an Edo man came to the house in 2018. She called me aside and said, β€œSonia, be very prayerful.” Those who

have the spirit to see beyond the physical would understand what she meant. I laughed, but within me, I said they cannot kill an ONLY CHILD who has an assignment on earth. I hear people saying she’s pained and broke bla bla bruh, go ask them, I was born witha SILVERSPOON.

| promise to open a platform in the future to help and

encourage women who are going through hell in their marital home. They need to speak up. Remember,

marriage Is to enjoy, not to endure. Thanks once again for your kind words and prayers. God bless you all.”

See her post below:

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