“The beginning of the end, She don mark am” – Husband refuses to be fed because wife refused kneel to feed him on their wedding day

A Nigerian guy was handed food by his bride during their wedding, but he declined since she did not kneel.

In a widely viewed video, a man refused food provided by his wife until she knelt to give it to him.

According to the wedding MC, an Urhobo male refused to accept her food offering unless she knelt down.

He took the meal from her and kissed her as she bent down.

Check out netizens’ responses below.

Tegzdeghudguy noted: “First of all before you all start talking on here know this, we the Urhobos always put our traditions first before any emotions,religion or anything… So if you’re getting into us know we live by the rules of our fathers”

ADÉ said: “If it’s not in your plan to be going on your kneel while you serve your hubby’s food, there’s no point doing that on your wedding day tbh !!”

DADDY asked: “How did their honeymoon go?”

teajays suggested: “It’s a good thing he demanded that but he should have helped her up back to her feet .. Wahala”

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