Why g@ys shouldn’t reveal their sexuality – Blessing CEO spills

Self-acclaimed relationship guru Blessing Okoro Nkeiruka, often known as Blessing CEO, urges Nigerian gay people not to openly expose their sexual orientation.

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She stated that owing to preconceptions in Nigerian society, it is not advisable for LGBT individuals to come out publicly and proclaim themselves homosexual.

In the most recent episode of her TV show, ‘Moments With Blessing CEO’, she said:

“If you are a homosexual, hide it, bury it and take it to your grave because the society condemns it.

“Abuja and Lagos men are homosexual. They called it gay for pay. The gays are not the crossdressers. The gays are the ones that have muscles like gym instructors.

“Some women are still covering their homosexual or bisexual husbands because of the benefits.”

In another podcast episode, Blessing CEO encourages married men that they do not need to be biological fathers to receive a kid.

In a viral video clip from the discussion, Blessing CEO advised married men against taking DNA testing on their children if they suspect their spouses of adultery.

She brazenly claimed that males should welcome children born within such circumstances as their own, regardless of biological ties.

She said:

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of, own up, children are gift from God. You don’t have to be a biological father or birth a child to call somebody your child”.

“You have known this child, I think you guys can sit down and work this things out.Her revelation sparked outrages online as social media users shared their thoughts”.

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