Rachel blasts Daddy Freeze, berates his ring light livelihood

Big Brother Naija star, Rachel Akowe claps back at the controversial radio host, Daddy Freeze who berated her perspective on men who earn N800K salary as poor.

Rachel had taken to the microblogging platform, X to emphasize the brokenness of men who earn just N800K salary in Lagos.

rachel akowe

Reacting, Daddy Freeze ridiculed the reality star for being out of her mind to mislead the people with her ridiculous taste while talking low about her beauty.

In response, Rachel ridiculed the OAP while emphasizing how his livelihood is tied to sitting behind his ring light and discussing other people’s affairs.

daddy freeze

“It’s sad that most people aren’t bold enough to accept the reality of things in this country. Ordinary $500 is what’s making this man shed tears? What do I expect from a man whose source of livelihood is TikTok gifts, looking for any opportunity to jump in front of a ringlight,” she said.

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