Woman who collected N300k cash after rejecting surgery to remove goiter allegedly passes on


An Osun lady who decided to take N300,000 cash over a free procedure to remove a goiter from her neck has allegedly died.

Mrs Folakemi was believed to have had goitre for years, and a non-governmental group sympathetic to her plight was able to raise N300,000.

When the woman sought medical attention, a medical team gladly provided her free care, but she refused to give her authorization for the physicians to do the procedure and requested the N300k instead.

The NGO tried to persuade her to reconsider her choice because there were major health consequences to not removing the goiter, but she refused and walked away with the money.

She allegedly returned to her village with the hope that her government would fulfil the pledge to assist her after they learnt about her situation.

When the government refused to cooperate, a director of a Non-governmental Organization (NGO) who had been interested in the issue persuaded her to proceed with the operation.

According to sources, the procedure went wrong, resulting in Mrs Folakemi’s death.

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