“Osimhen japa”- ‘Tattered Tiktoker’ visits Super Eagles’ hotel, their reactions goes viral

Jose Angel Napi, also known on TikTok as Napi, is a rapidly rising star who recently went into the Super Eagles’ hotel in Côte d’Ivoire to pull a practical joke on them.

The young man always had the appearance of a wandering lunatic since he was barefoot and wore tattered clothing.

“Osimhen japa"- 'Tattered Tiktoker' visits Super Eagles' hotel, their reactions goes viral

Napi was caught in the opulent hotel corridor where visitors and several Super Eagles players were hanging out in a brief video that went viral online.

Frank Onyeka was having a chat when he initially approached him. When he tried to touch the midfield player, he instantly withdrew.

Then he left Onyeka to go see Terem Moffi, reaching out to touch his thick, black Afro hair. Napi departed from Moffi and briefly stood in front of Kenneth Omeruo before leaving aimlessly. 

Napi approached Joe Aribo, who was ready to go into the elevator. The midfield player instantly conceded, thinking he was dealing with a psychologically unstable person.

Napi proceeded to the elevator and was ready to push a button when Osimhen entered via the open door.

The Napoli forward quickly hit a button on the elevator to turn it off after noticing the odd and humorous person standing in front of him.

The Eagles will meet the host nation, Côte d’Ivoire, in the championship game on Sunday, February 11.

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