AFCON Finals: “Will they go into extra time man of God?”- Prophet Predicts Winner Between Nigeria And Ivory Coast on Sunday

The Nigerian Super Eagles will overcome the Ivory Coast Elephants in the AFCON finals, according to a prophecy.

Promise Reigns, a prophet, claimed in a YouTube video that Nigeria should win as they will have the advantage in the championship match.

Promise predicted in the same video that Nigeria will triumph over South Africa during a hard semifinal encounter.

Later on, his prediction came true as the Super Eagles prevailed 4–2 thanks to penalties.

He said that God intended for Nigeria to win the cup and use it to bring peace to the nation, thus Nigeria would overcome Cote d’Ivoire to bring the cup home.

Reactions when a prophet picks Nigeria to win the AFCON championship

@youngseb4222 commented: “Just don’t delete this video.”

@user-kx7bg1wf7y said: “You are truly man of God.” “HE does nothing without revealing to HIS servants the Prophet….Congratulations to Nigeria.”

@user-kx7bg1wf7y commented: “Papa Nigeria vs ivory cost will be extra time.”

@Spiritlife178 asked: “Will they go into extra time man of God? Nigeria vs South Africa.?”

@user-ol8nr8yy8f commented: “God bless you my Prophet, God is with us.”

@Ayaps2023 said: “Lolzz,Nigeria 1st,Ivory coast 2nd ,South Africa sure 3rd.”

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