“I spend N79,000 to buy fuel daily”- Lady driving from London to Lagos claims

The brave Nigerian woman who is travelling by automobile from London to Lagos revealed that she has to pay a large amount of money every day for petrol.

In a recent video that she shared on TikTok, Pelumi Nubi was spotted purchasing petrol.

Her gasoline purchase cost 47 Euros, or around 74,000 Naira. She did admit, though, that she actually pays N79,000 (about 50 Euros each day) for petrol.

It is anticipated that Pelumi would pass through fifteen nations on her way to Nigeria. She now resides in Spain and could soon travel to Africa.

Responses to the video by Pelumi

@archbishopT2 said: “E5 is better than E10 though it’s expensive. It gives you more mileage.”

@Poshkayy1 said: “Can we get more videos? I checked YouTube and didn’t get much.”

Eguono Ramat ohwojeheri remarked: “All the best pelumi.”

@Ayomade_Art01 said: “Well done m’am. you’re in my prayers ok.”

@YABTDT SAID: “safe journey Pelumi. much love.”

@Ann Bella said: “Please, when you get to Lagos, I would like to go back with you.”

@Denrele couture said: “Safe journey please stay safe.”

@Gracey said: “I have been wondering how you charge though.”

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