Young Boy Receives Full Scholarship and Laptop After He Went Viral for Hawking in Fine English

  • A young boy who gained a secondary to university scholarship and a laptop, experiences life changes after hawking his in goods English online.
  • Aba-born boy, known for his charming manner and speaking style, has been attracting buyers and viewers with his hawking skills.
  • In a TikTok video, the individual announced that they were offered a scholarship from Gods Will Nwankwo foundation to attend university.

Life changes for the youngster who went viral for selling what he sells in perfect English, as returns to school after receiving a secondary to university scholarship and a laptop.

The little youngster from Aba had been making the rounds for how he sold his stuff. His demeanour and style of speaking frequently attracted both customers and watchers.

 In a recent video posted on his TikTok profile, he stated that the Gods Will Nwankwo Foundation awarded him a scholarship from SS1 to university.

In addition, the little youngster got a laptop to help him with his schoolwork.

He thanked the charity and his donors for altering his life.

Watch video below …

reacting to the post …

@chubby, remarked: “when you are lefted you are lefted for those of us commenting here may our destiny helper find us at all corner.”

@fargolegit stated: “This boy can be a pastor”

@Mhiz Joy 🇳🇬🇳🇬 commented: “Laptop from Canada to Aba”

@HIGHY AND CLASSY FABRIC observed: “Diz guy speaks well”

@vickyahaiwe🤎🖤 said: “Make I no lie, this guy speak better than me with degree and another degree in view. God bless you”

@k8ryn commented: “Hope you know it’s Business Administration is what you will study sir ooo. That direction looks good on you o”

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