Corazon Kwamboka, Frankie’s Son Undergoes 2nd Surgery On His Throat

Frankie Just Gym It expressed his joy after his son Tayari Kiarie successfully underwent the surgery.

Tayari went under the knife to remove massive tonsils two years after he had his adenoids removed.

In a heartfelt post, Frankie shared the details of Tayari’s recent medical procedure, explaining that two years ago they had the adenoids removed in the hope of addressing sleeping and breathing issues.

Unfortunately, Tayari developed tonsillitis approximately a year later, leading to his recent surgery to remove the enlarged tonsils.

“Good morning guys! Two years ago I took Tai Tai for his first surgery to get his adenoids removed. We thought that would sort out all his sleeping and breathing issues. Unfortunately he developed tonsillitis probably a year later and it’s been giving him hell for a while now. His tonsils were MASSIVE! So last week Friday my little man had to go for his second surgery this time to get his tonsils removed. He’s doing GREAT now all thanks to the amazing work and care of @thelutonhospital medical staff.

“What I’ve learnt from this whole ordeal is that never hesitate to get a first, second and third opinion and if it’s something that needs to be removed ASAP, do not contemplate especially if it’s non invasive,” Frankie wrote.

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Frankie Kiarie had previously shared news of Tayari’s first surgery to remove adenoids in December 2021.

The surgery aimed to address breathing difficulties, and Frankie expressed joy at the positive outcome, noting that Tayari could now breathe without hindrance.

Corazon Kwamboka, Tayari’s mother, had addressed concerns about their son’s breathing in May 2021 after fans inquired.

She disclosed that Tayari had adenoids, a condition that causes breathing difficulties, and emphasized having a specialized paediatrician for his care.

“My son has a condition called adenoids and that’s why he has difficulties breathing and we have a special paediatrician. “So do not come to my page to tell me what to do. I am not waiting for you to come to my page and tell me what to do. learn to mind your own business.”

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