You need to start making money, the world listens to rich people — Cubana Chiefpriest advises VDM, he responds

In Style Activist VeryDarkMan (VDM) gets a harsh warning from Cubana Chiefpriest, Nigeria’s nightlife king, in a live video where the two talk about life.

Lots of people know about Cubana Chiefrpriest’s link with VDM. He is worth a lot of money. A few months ago, he was seen with Davido at a bar where they were hosting VDM.

But in the new video, Cubana Chiefpriest chose to have a friendly chat with VDM. VDM is known for saying that he doesn’t want to promote brands but instead use his activism to change people’s lives.

In the video, Cubana Chiefpriest praises VDM for all the good things he has done for society since he became famous and calls him “amazing.”

Another thing the Cubana Chiefpriest says to VDM is that it’s time for VDM to start driving Range Rovers, building homes, and going to banks, because we only live this life once.

In his message to VDM, Cubana Chiefpriest says that society only cares about wealthy people. He also said that people only listen to rich people.

In his words, Cubana Chiefpriest said; “You need these Range Rovers, mansions, you need to start going to the bank, my brother na once we dey come to this life oh, VDM you are big brand, appreciate everything you be doing in the society, is amazing, but society cares for people who have money.

The society listens to people who have money, the society values the words of somebody who has money, you go raise your hand tire if you no get money, VDM, you need to start going to the bank.”

Responding, VeryDarkMan who sensed what Cubana Cheifpriest was telling him told the the nightlife king that he understood him as he needed to make more money.

VDM averred that he is going to send him a message soon and they will discuss about it.

In his words; “No problem, we go get our discussion, I go send you message.

See reactions below;

ruthakinniyiomowunmi: No he should continue saying nonsense with one black singlet.

king_capable23: I don’t know why you guys assume he isn’t making money through his platform. He is simply a man that choses to do his in a noble way without losing his freedom of expression because he is compromised. I understand him very well. Many of us aren’t fascinated about money, it doesn’t mean we aren’t making good money either.

rachealgaius: He should keep lazing about till he gets to retirement age, same.people.praising him are same people that will mock him.

mz_potable’: Is he saying VDM should go and make money??????

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