As a man, you are fit enough to get married if you earn up to N50K monthly – Financial expert educates

  • A Nigerian finance manager has emphasized that a man with a monthly income of N5OK is fit to marry a woman, as a good wife helps manage money and reduce frivolous spending. He believes early marriage is better and that a man based on his capabilities should run for his life.

A famous middle-aged Nigerian guy who works as a finance manager made a claim in a new video that caused a lot of debate online.

In the video that is going around social media, the finance manager said that a guy is ready to marry a woman if he makes up to N5OK a month.

He said that in this economy, getting married is a good idea for a guy making N50,000 a month. He also said that a good wife or woman would help him manage his money and stop spending it on useless things.

He also said that most guys always say they won’t get married until they have a lot of money, but they don’t say when that will happen. To make things even better, he said that the best thing for a guy is to get married early.

To prove his point, the Nigerian man said that N1M a month won’t be enough for a guy who doesn’t know how to handle or spend it.

The man said that a guy who makes N50,000 a month should marry a woman who loves him, understands him, and is ready to grow with him.

As an example from his own life, the finance manager says he has seen people start out like that and go on to have a lot of success in their lives.

He came to the conclusion that a man should run for his life if a woman wants to marry him because of what he can do for her instead of what he could be.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

kamo_state: 50K is too small in this economy 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.

yesimprettyoma: Officer that’s the man 🫵🏻🫵🏻 Arrest him!!

obianuju_priscillia_: If we are being honest, it’s quite hard for a family to sustain on a 50k budget with this present economy, except the woman is also contributing.

iamamedu: Please talking from experience if your salary is less than 400k in naira don’t have a girlfriend not to talk of wife ooo.

oge_pius_: He’s right, listen to him and marry his sisters, no come near me. Thanks.

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