“You cannot be answering Asa Odogwu ”

  • Caz Chidiebere expressed that if you must be referred to as Asa Odogwu, you must have some money and working hard.
  • He slammed women who brags on being with a man when he has nothing, stating that the only reason most girls stay with a man when he has nothing is because them too have nothing to offer.

Renowned actor Caz Chidiebere schools women on the importance of having  knowledge about a particular name before engaging in it.

He stated that having money and putting in a lot of effort are prerequisites for being named Asa Odogwu as a woman.

Along with that, he berated girls for their constant sayings that they stayed with a man when he had nothing. He disclosed that most women only stay with a man who has nothing when they too don’t have anything.

He indicated that most girls, if they have something, will not stay with a man who is struggling. He urged broke girls not to refer to themselves as Asa Odogwu.

“Fact…I stayed when he had nothing, if you had something as a girl you for no stay lol..

How can a br ke girl be answering asa odogwu??? Men sef no de try sometimes, if u must be asa odogwu you self suppose get work doings not by as and br st…”

In Another news, Burna boy shows off his new diamond-encrusted Odogwu chain worth $1million.

Burna Boy was seen in a trending clip, flaunting the piece while some friends admired it on his neck.

According to the singer, the diamond-studded necklace, which was customised to his popular “Odogwu” nickname, cost over N700 million when converted with parallel rate.

“This was $1m well spent,” the singer said.

The music star has had nothing short of an amazing 2022, which explains why he is wrapping things up with a big bang.

In a bid to reward himself for all his hard work over the past few months, the Twice as Tall singer acquired the super expensive diamond-studded necklace.

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