“My husband na the real odogwu”

A Nigerian lady has celebrated her lover in a special way for training her in school from 100 to 400 level.

In a video making the rounds online, she danced for her husband and showered praises on him, describing him as the real β€œOdogwuβ€œ.

β€œMy hubby na the real odogwu biko. Training me from 100level to 400level is no joke. Graduate in a bitπŸ₯°β€, she said.

Reacting to the post, @ifeyinwa_joy wrote: β€œIgbo men are the best. No cap!! The kind love and respect they get for their wives, fiance’s or girlfriends need to be studied 😍❀️ Igbo kwenu biko.”

@i_amyemmie added: β€œNa only Igbo men dey do this thing. My tribe men left the group chat”

Watch the video below:

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