Wife breaks husband head one month into marriage, bathes him with dirty water (Watch video)

An Nigerian couple who were newlyweds in December has engulfed in an unending domestic conflict, which has resulted in violence within their household.

A video going around social media shows the couple fighting in their home in front of the man’s parents.

The woman poured dirty water on her husband as he was about to leave the house for work, stopping him from going. Because of this, he grabbed her shirt and pushed her back.

As a friend at the wedding, @LalaUsijuu shared the video on Twitter with the words “See wedding we just attended this December.😂😂”

In another part, his wife threw something at him, but he turned it around. After he changed out of his work clothes, she broke a bottle on his head as if that wasn’t bad enough.

Check out the video:

@Emmanue94991705 commented; God I know I said I would never touch a woman, but damnn!; I go too lil frost this woman

@seleenino; Can never be me sha because I go abandon the entire country for you so as not to unalive someone’s child.

@Yoursinem; Short women are never beating the allegation. Avoid short women oo

@Ziyechman; Wom3n like this don’t deserve good things in life

@fadererah_; See the way she broke bottle 😭😭😭 you just know she’s a pro agbero

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