Why I cannot date a single father” – Phyna reveals

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Reality star Phyna expresses hesitancy to date single fathers due to concerns about the child’s mother’s active presence, She stated she would only considering a relationship if the mother is already married.

Reality TV personality Phyna has admitted that she is hesitant to date single fathers because she is concerned that the man’s relationship with the child’s mother could cause problems.

The topic came up in a talk with Tacha, another reality personality.

Phyna talked on the difficulties of dating single fathers, especially when the mother of the child is still around.

Phyna shows reluctance to date a single father.

She disclosed that if the child’s mother was already married to another person, she would only think about dating a single father.

“I am not sure I can date a guy that has a child. I’ve met two guys who have children, these are my friends, and I’ve seen the drama around it. I’ve seen situations where the baby mama will come and be like, ‘who are you now leaving me for?” Phyna said during the podcast.

Phyna expressed worries about possible “baby mama drama,” pointing out that she has seen instances in which the mother of the kid turned into a source of tension and issues for the man in question.

She brought up the tension and mayhem that may result in these circumstances, especially if the baby mama is against the male moving on with his life.

“Even if the men don’t like you, even if they don’t want to settle down with you, the baby mama just doesn’t want them to move on,” Phyna added.

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