Drama as bride refuses to cut cake for giving birth to 3 children

A bride has garnered funny reactions after refusing to cut the wedding cake when asked if she wanted to give birth to 3 children.

It was posted on the video sharing platform, TikTok, by the MC of the event @theonlymaleek, where he jokingly called out the bride for being dramatic.

In the video, the MC was asking the couple to cut the cake when he called the number of children they wanted to have.

He called 5, 4 and when he got to 3, the husband was ready to cut the cake.

“Nobody wan born plenty again” — Reactions as bride refuse to cut cake for 3 children

However, the wife disagreed, expressing her disapproval for that number of children.

Eventually, the MC called for two children and they both joyfully cut the cake.

See some reactions to the video here

@oluwatosin ishola said: “There is always an extra child. Don’t worry, 2 intentional, 1 unintentional. 😂😂😂”

@Chichi wrote: “The way she eyed him 😭😭😭”

@AgbakaEye opined: “Dem suppose discuss all these things before marriage naw. Nor be everything be fok naw”

@Chrisllionaire wrote: “I don’t blame her. The pain of pregnancy is a lot to handle and women bear the brunt of it. She’s the one who will carry the pregnancy so it’s her call.”

@deeyarh added: “na so my husband cut cake for 5 children but as it’s going now after one child baba no wan hear say I am pregnant”

@MissKike__ reacted: “Nobody wan born plenty again😂😂”

Watch video here


This bride is so dramatic 😂❤️ #theonlymaleek #wedding #yorubawedding

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