When did it become wrong to not have sex before marriage? β€” OAP Dotun quizzes

On-air personality Dotun has questioned social media users over the debate about Alexx Ekubo and ex-fiancee Fancy’s no-sex saga.


There has been an ongoing debate on social media after the ex-fiancee of actor Alexx Ekubo made a revelation that Alexx did not have sexual intercourse with her during their 5-years of dating.

According to social media users, it was abnormal for Alexx Ekubo not to have abstained from sex from his fiancee, Fancy Acholonu for five years.

However, on-air personality Dotun has a different opinion about the ongoing debate online. According to him, there’s nothing wrong with dating and abstaining from sex.

He tweeted, β€œThe last I checked, sex before marriage was discouraged to make relationships sacred, resolute & Godly. When did it become wrong not to have it before marriage? Haven’t you all seen now that everything we considered bad is now good and what was seen as good is now bad?”

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