VeryDarkMan address Tolanibaj’s statement on her podcast

  • VeryDarkMan stated that he was not surprised, highlighting how most Nigerian women have recently invested more in their bodies than in their brains
  • VeryDarkman added that married women are now carrying out body enhancement surgeries in order to impress guys other than their husbands.

Recently, Nigerian reality star, Tolanibaj, sparked a massive controversy with her bold statement on her podcast, where she discussed bringing only her body to a relationship.

While many were taken aback by her audacity, VeryDarkMan, a popular social media critic, wasted no time in expressing his strong disapproval , stating that 90% of Nigerian women lack sense

VeryDarkMan reacted by stating that he was not shocked to hear it from her, highlighting the current increase in body image investments made by Nigerian women.

He added that married women are getting liposuction and BBL in an attempt to impress men other than their husbands.

To be honest, there’s nothing to react to. The question is, did Tolanibaj lie? 90% of the women in Nigeria now no get anything to offer. How many women in Nigeria get sense now?

We are in a country where wetin dey reign be liposuction and nyash. Even married women, doing different surgeries to attract other men; hustling, because that is what everybody is doing now,” he said in part.

Hear him:

In another one Tolanibaj’s podcast, she stated that ‘If her man cheats on her, she will definitely cheat back’ 

She added that if the cheating spouse did not bring any value to her, she would exit the relationship, but if the cheating partner was “empowering” her, she may stay in the toxic relationship.

Tolanibaj made this claim In the inaugural episode of the Bahd And Boujee Podcast, hosted by her and actress Moet Abebe .

She stated that:

“Crying in a Lamborghini is better than crying in a tricycle.”

“I will not go through your phone… Maybe at the beginning, I will warn you. When I warn guys it might come off as a threat but I’m really keeping it 100. It may not be a good way of living. It may be very toxic but it works for me.

“If you’re empowering me and you are useful, and you cheat on me, no problem. Just continue playing your role- empowering me.

“But if you cheat on me and you are not adding value to me, what am I still doing there? Do you get it? That’s how I see it. I would prefer to cry in a Lamborghini than in a keke [tricycle].”

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