“Sodom And Gomorrah!” Netizens React As Gen Z’s Grind On Each Other During Brian Chira Burial

Many fans from the “Chira Clan” went to bury the late Brian Chira, but some behaved badly. The villagers now want a cleansing ceremony to clear bad spirits.

TikToker Brian Chira was buried at his grandmother’s land in Gitei village, Gathanje, Kiambu County.

At the funeral, some TikTokers danced inappropriately and disrespected elders. They didn’t let the family or religious leaders lead the service properly. Villagers were shocked by their behavior.

Instead of a calm burial, TikTokers scattered earth, planted flowers, and took selfies. This upset neighbors who felt their customs were disrespected. One person said they worry about the TikTokers’ future and how they will raise children.

The TikTokers’ actions were seen as a mix of church and worldly behavior, not suitable for a funeral. They drank alcohol, smoked, and used bad language, which villagers found disrespectful.

Brian’s death in a hit-and-run was tragic. Villagers wanted a respectful funeral for him, but the TikTokers seemed to celebrate instead. They even stepped on graves, which is against local traditions.

Despite anger, the TikTok community raised money for Brian’s family. They plan to help his grandmother buy land and build a house.

The villagers now want a cleansing ceremony to clear bad spirits. They hope such behavior won’t happen again. They urge the TikTokers to respect local customs and return to church values.

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