“I dated a married man and I couldn’t leave him”

A known Yoruba film actress, Kiitan Bukola who previously dated a married man has explained why she found it difficult to move on from him.

In a video interview with media personality Damilola Banire that was uploaded to Oyinmomotv’s YouTube channel, the actress said that she had dated a married man and that it had been hard for her to end things because she was enjoying the relationship.

According to her, she grew up in a polygamous family where her father married a lot of women and bore 19 children.

Kiitan Bukola thinks that a lot of people end up trying polygamous marriages because they don’t enjoy their previous marriages.

"I dated a married man and I couldn't leave him" - Kiitan Bukola
Kiitan Bukola, Yoruba actress. source: Google

In her statement, she said, “Some people’s marriages are not perfect, the reason why some of them may decide to try another marriage.

“I came from a polygamous family, and there is a limit to what I can say when it comes to marriage because my father married five wives and has nineteen children.

“I dated a married man and I couldn’t leave him because I was enjoying the relationship.

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