“Omo them suppose air this wedding for DSTV”- 200 City Choir Members Rehearse to Perform at Veekee James’ White Wedding

Today, February 10, Nigerian famous designer Veekee James and her beau James are celebrating their nuptials.

A video of the choir members ready to perform on the stylist’s wedding day, clad in a white overall robe, surfaced online during the wedding planning process.

More than 200 choristers were reportedly prepared to bless the nuptials with their beautiful voices.

Following their announcement of their engagement during their bachelor’s eve party, the two lovers have become huge online stars.

Stunning in their nude marriage attire, the newest pair was a sight for sore eyes.

Here are a few responses:

phenomenal_nurse: “Girl this wedding should be on live stream I’m here for allllll of eeet.”

joan_jaie: “This would have been me but it would be too “English “ for my mom. Patiently waiting for my kids weddings.”

dor.collectionns: “I felt this was a church before I read the caption. Today nah TODAY.”

mystizinny: “Omo Vekee money long oo…in this economy she pulled it off.”

*oft_ajebota: “Omo them suppose air this wedding for DSTV.”

kendis_lov: “Wow , this is beautiful. Biko make una no vex ohh . What happen between veekee and mizwanneka ? I no va se her anywhere and na bestie them ohh.”

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