“He get girlfriend now self na you no know”- Reactions as Son Signs Contract with Mum that He Won’t Have Girlfriend Until 21

People couldn’t stop laughing when they saw the hilarious video of a small child signing a contract with his parents go viral on social media.

In the video, it was shown how the mother skillfully manipulated her son into signing a document promising to keep him single until he was 21.

The young man, who appeared to be dutifully following his mother’s directions, signed all of the documents without closely reading them.

It seems that he was not aware of the absurd and humorous provisions he was signing when he signed the contract.

Many viewers of the video uploaded by @thewizzys_5 expressed concern that the youngster would not be able to keep his end of the bargain since he was too young to make such a commitment.

They also wondered what his reaction would be upon learning what he had signed.

a few responses listed below:

User&865361863766: “I hear you ma.”

Gemini goddess: “They dunno what they’re signing for, they’ll revolt against this few years from now. Just Dey play.”

Perfume Vendor: “Ma’am, I won’t accept this because you force my client to sign this document.”

Dan ogba: “The earlier the better.”

Mara’s Glow: “They will sue u for man inhumanity to man & when they reach 21.”

Ogo28: “21 is too early self.”

Kay classic: “Una dey whine.”

Faith OkwUdilichukwU: “He get girlfriend now self na you no know.

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