Olakira, others bash artistes using ‘streaming farms’ amid BNXN/ Ruger clash

A number of Nigerian artistes have come out to speak against their colleagues who use “streaming farms” to boost their songs.

It began with Ruger and Buju Benson going at each other on Twitter.

During the Twitter spat, Benson said there are streaming farms in Nigeria now where record label bosses pay money to get their artistes’ songs up on music charts, thereby giving them an edge over artistes who rely on organic streams.

His tweet seemed to resonate with other artists and they have now joined him to speak against streaming farms.

Olakira weighed in, writing:

“And If you no dey pay these streaming farms, one guy from abule agba go borrow data come online talk say you fall off.”

“Y’all ruining the industry for genuine hustlers, Judgement day dey come.”

Blaqbonez tweeted:

“All of you using streaming farms would be exposed soon. Awon hushpuppi.”

Yemi Alade quote-tweeted BlaqBonez’ tweet and added:

“Never saw a ‘realler’ tweet! Somebody pls frame this tweet for me. I want to hang it on my wall.”

BlaqBonez wrote in another tweet:

“It’s actually so painful say u go hustle, push your shit, some niggas go just use money buy the charts. same men go come out give God credit. Lmao continue.”

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