“Nigeria’s performance was disappointing” -Daniel Regha criticizes Super Eagles’ performance against Ivory Coast

  • Daniel Regha, a renowned critic, has publicly criticized Nigeria’s Super Eagles’ performance against Ivory Coast in the AFCON final.
  • The coach criticized Nigeria for their poor performance and criticized the officiating referees for their lack of tactical flexibility.

The speaker criticized Nigeria for not having a strong midfield, stating that Ivory Coast outplayed them in the AFCON final.

 “Nigeria’s performance was disappointing” -Daniel Regha criticizes Super Eagles' performance against Ivory Coast

Daniel Regha, a controversial critic, expressed his uninvited thoughts about Nigeria’s Super Eagles’ performance in the AFCON final over Ivory Coast.

Tragically, the Super Eagles of Nigeria were unexpectedly defeated 2-1 by Ivory Coast in the African Cup of Nations final on Sunday, February 11.

In response, Daniel Regha criticized the Super Eagles’ play and reiterated his assessment that they lacked a midfield.

He claimed that Ivory Coast outclassed Nigeria and that the coach lacked tactical adaptability. He also criticized the officiating referees  for doing an awful job.

He said, “Ivory Coast dominated the AFCON final & outplayed Nigeria, it’s almost like the Super Eagles had no midfield (which I’ve stated repeatedly but was called names).

Nigeria’s performance was kinda disappointing, the coach was not tactically flexible, while the players didn’t have focus. That said, the officiating referees did an awful job.”

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Yankee suggested: “Nigerians let’s all visit the referee social media page and pray for him”

Popey noted: “Daniel you just packed all the generational curses from your lineage. Today you supported Nigeria I knew there would be a problem. Fake Nigerian, outcast from Ghana hiding in Nigeria.”

Nasr said: “This post is 10/10. You’re 💯 correct Daniel. You can’t play from defender to strikers and win in final. Atletico Madrid are the football club that plays like that and they’ve lost all the finals in the last 7 years.”

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