“Ngakula Wao!” Andrew Kibe Reveals He’d Chew 3 NRG Radio Presenters Apart From One

Andrew Kibe says he’d chew three of the four female NRG Radio team made up of Kamene Goro, Reedah Yvonne, King Kalala and DJ Lisney

Kibe’s tweet sparked reactions, especially regarding his past friendship with Kamene Goro.

In his tweet, Andrew Kibe hinted that he would have had lungula with three out of the four presenters. Would he still pick Kamene? In a past podcast he clarified that despite their closeness, he never had a romantic relationship with Kamene during their time together.

On his podcast, Kibe shared insights into his preferences, stating that Kamene did not fit his ideal type due to her body size. He mentioned a preference for slimmer women and joked about the “chestless” ones, indicating his willingness to pursue them.

“Wacha niwaambie ukweli Menje kama hangekuwa mnono hivyo ningekuwa nishaibomoa kitambo sana. Yeah but unajua mi ni mtu wa maslim. Like those three chestless, wale the young and the chestless. Hao naweza wafuliza onetime. Hao hata I would ask them to come in one Uber wakifanya tu TikTok videos,” Kibe said.

Kibe and Kamene previously worked together at NRG Radio, starting from its launch in 2018. They later moved to Kiss FM in 2019, marking a shift in their careers.

The mention of Kamene in Kibe’s recent comments stirred curiosity, especially as she is now married.

Kibe now says out of the four that is, Kamene Goro, Reedah Yvonne, King Kalala and DJ Lisney, he’d chew three, leaving netizens guessing who’d be left and if he’d chew Kamene this time yet she’s already married.

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