“Mohbad’s carbon copy” – Fans react to new video of Singer’s son, tackle those calling for DNA

  • A viral video capturing a woman cradling Mohbad’s son, Liam Light, as she celebrates his seven-month birthday, affectionately calling him by his late father’s nickname is generating massive buzz online.
  • Numerous netizens affirm the undeniable resemblance of the late singer’s baby to him, tackling swirling controversies and speculations regarding the boy’s paternity.

Social media users are all fired up and pouring out their emotions in response to the fresh video of the late singer Ilerioluwa Aloba Mohbad’s Liam Light hitting the seven-month mark.

In the footage, a woman can be heard affectionately referring to the baby boy as Imole Junior while attempting to capture his attention by offering him a biscuit.


Nigerian blogger, Temilola Sobola, who posted the video, provided a caption for context.

She wrote;

Happy 7 months birthday to Mohbad’s son, Liam. No evil shall befall you. God’s protection will always be on you wherever you are. May you be greater and live longer than your father”

This video emerges amidst ongoing discussions about Mohbad’s son’s paternity, with a chorus of voices insisting on a DNA test to settle the speculations.

In response to the video, some netizens adamantly claimed that Liam is the spitting image of Mohbad, going so far as to criticize and curse those advocating for a DNA test.


This is coming weeks after controversial media personality, VeryDarkMan, expressed doubts about the paternity of Mohbad’s child and called for a DNA test to confirm the biological relationship.

The social media critic pointed to the wife’s public statements about being widowed and raised concerns about the possibility of close family involvement.

Additionally, rumours about Mohbad allegedly entrusting his wife with certain matters added to the doubts.

VeryDarkMan emphasised the importance of conducting a thorough DNA test to establish the child’s true paternity.

He suggested a 90% chance of the child being Mohbad’s but insisted on the need for certainty.

He also commended the idea of pursuing legal avenues, such as an autopsy and DNA test, to ensure a fair resolution. 




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