Nigerian mum who took daughter to grandma’s house shares her before and after look, video trends

A Nigerian mom has had netizens writhing on the floor after releasing a video of her kid being escorted to her grandmother’s house.

In just a few minutes of visiting, the grandmother modified her grandchild’s dress code and haircut.

The mother, identified on TikTok as @mandivah, initially showed off her daughter’s well-dressed and fashionable appearance before taking her to her grandmother’s house.

The last segment highlighted how her grandma modified the girl’s clothes and haircut for the worst. The small girl also sported an extremely weird handcrafted eyeglass.

The video’s description read: : “The daughter I took to her grandma’s house vs the daughter I’m seeing now.” 

Netizens in the TikTok comments section found the small girl’s makeover amusing, particularly her funny-looking glasses.

Khadeem said: “It’s the opposite for my daughter. I take her that as the second clip and she comes back like in the first clip.”

Kabbaempire said: “When I took my daughter to my mom for holidays she turn into a lion fighting everyone and my dad anyways support her I was very angry.”
Ricchyjay said: “Baddie don later turn to badira.”

Rofiat reacted: “And I can assure she’s living her best life.”

Ugh it’s kika again said: “U get luck say grandma no barb her hair.”

Last daughter said: “The glass got me.”

@user5580849654773 reacted: “She looks like she’s living her best life o grandma place is sweet.”

@lollipopsommy said: “Please that spec is valuable than the Zara bag.”

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