MC Oluomo vows to serve humanity as he celebrates 49th birthday

Chairman of Lagos State Parks and Garages, MC Oluomo makes a pledge to humanity as he celebrates his 49th birthday today.

On his Instagram page, Mc Oluomo thanked his Maker for for another age and the gift of life that comes with it.

MC Oluomo
MC Oluomo

He asserted that last year was eventful and he learnt a lot of lessons. His most valuable lesson learnt, however, was to keep your friends close but keep the truly dedicated and loyal ones closer.

He rededicated himself to the good course of humanity and vowed to serve humanity to the best of his ability and hope posterity takes care of the rest.

His words: “Alhamdulilah, Alhamdulilah, Alhamdulilah. What shall I say to almighty Allah, all I have to say is thank you, Allah. I’m grateful to Almighty Allah for yet another age. I’m so grateful for the gift of life and all that comes with it. Last year” was eventful! A lot of lessons were learned and many things hitter to unknown were made bear.

“New life lessons were learned and of course, the struggle continues. But as eventful as last year was, I learnt an all-important lesson to always keep your “friends” close but those that are truly dedicated and loyal closer.

“I have reflected on so many things and as it is customary to me, I’m using my birthday and new age to yet again re-dedicate myself to the good course of humanity I will serve humanity the very best way I can, hoping that posterity will handle the rest.

“I Alhaji Musiliu Ayinde Akinsanya… E ru ndupe ooo. Happy birthday to me.”


MC Oluomo makes vow to humanity as he celebrates birthday

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