Man tells gender that 50k salary is enough to sustain marriage

Nigerian man advises his fellow gender to be open to the idea of having a good marriage even if they earn N50k salary in Nigeria.

The real estate consultant shared this advice on his Tiktok page, @arkbricks_homes.

According to him, most men think they don’t earn enough to get married but when they eventually start earning more, they still remain unmarried.

He believes most men spend lavishly but getting married to a good woman would help curtail that.

“With 50k salary you can comfortably get married as a man in Nigeria” — Man advises gender

From his observation, women are good spenders and know how to manage a home so once they get married, irrespective of the salary, they plan well.

He advised the men to find only good women for this cause and not women who believe they cannot suffer with a man in the name of marriage.

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