#KogiDecides2023: Collation of results begins

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The results collation process for the Kogi State governorship election has begun, according to the Independent National Electoral Commission.

The results that INEC released are listed below:

Ogori-Magongo LGA (Osebande ward), Kogi State

Accredited voters: 665

APC: 362

SDP: 195

PDP: 86

ADC: 11

LP: 01

NRM: 002

According to the Returning Officer of the local government, Kingsley Ogunnimilo, there were no elections in 10 out of the 11 wards. The result declared above is that of the Osebande ward.

Idah LGA, Kogi State

Accredited voters: 23,044

APC: 2,033

SDP: 20,059

PDP: 271

ADC: 91

LP: 01

NRM: 05

Okehi LGA, Kogi State

Accredited voters: 57,243

APC: 53,062

SDP: 153

PDP: 2,722

ADC: 68

LP: 69

Kabba/Bunu LGA

Accredited voters: 24,242

APC: 12,376

SDP: 942

PDP: 8,566


LP: 07


Yagba East LGA

Accredited voters: 18,001

APC: 7,096

SDP: 312

PDP: 2,615

ADC: 7,453

LP: 01

NRM: 05

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