Jerry Amilo, others fume over viral video of LP agent being beaten, kicked out of collation centre

  • Actor Jerry Amilo, alongside others, has vehemently voiced their dissatisfaction with a video depicting the harsh treatment of an Imo Labour Party (LP) agent.
  • On Sunday morning, amidst objections to the collated results from various local government areas at the Imo State Collation Centre in Owerri, the agent and his people found themselves on the receiving end of physical assault—an action that rubbed many Nigerians the wrong way.

In the wee hours of Sunday, pandemonium erupted among party agents at the state collation center for the Imo gubernatorial election.

Chaos ensued, leading to the forceful removal of the Labour Party (LP) agent, who bore the brunt of a beating, while the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) agent was smoothly escorted out. The fracas ignited following the announcement of results from Orsu LGA.

According to the declared results, Hope Uzodinma, the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate, amassed 18,003 votes, with LP’s Athan Achonu securing 813 votes and Samuel Anyanwu of the PDP garnering 624 votes.

In response, the LP and PDP party agents raised a storm of objection, contending that the election was never conducted in the LGA and asserting that the figures presented were nothing short of “manufactured.”

The party agents took their discontent to the forefront of the hall, expressing their displeasure.

Abayomi Fashina, the state returning officer, implored them to return their seats, accusing them of disrupting the collation exercise.

In a swift turn of events, their fellow agents in the hall converged on the protesters.

Shoves escalated into punches and kicks, resulting in the protesting party agents being unceremoniously escorted out of the collation hall.

Order was subsequently restored in the hall, and the collation exercise resumed.


Reacting to the viral video, Actor Jerry Amilo found himself completely perplexed by the current state of Nigeria, expressing his dismay and asserting that our democracy appears to be in a dire condition.

Jerry Amilo wrote;

“Nigeria CRY FOR YOU.. dead democracy”

Additional voices joined the chorus of dissent in the comment section, expressing their outrage.


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