“I’ve spent 33 years in UK…”

A Nigerian mother gives clarification following a viral video of hers showcasing the scenery of her street in London, UK.

Some hours ago, the woman made headlines after sharing a video of herself standing by a roadside taking a video, supposedly as a fresher in the European country.

Nigerian mother gushes following viral London video

Clarifying the speculation on social media, she took to her TikTok page @omo.oroje, where she revealed that she isn’t new in the UK and has spent 33 years there.

Adding to her statement, the Nigerian mother appreciated her followers and everyone who helped to post her video until it became viral.

“This morning I found out that I was going viral, my goodness. Don’t get me wrong, the attention is very interesting but I just want to make some things clear. I am not new in the UK, I have been living in the UK for the past 33 years. I was not standing on the road. I was on the pavement but the position of the phone I used to record myself made it look like the bus was coming after me. I will never endanger my life in any way. For once in my life, some people know me,” she stated.

Watch the video below …


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