Murugi Munyi Quits Drinking After Years Of Struggling With Alcoholism

Content creator Murugi Munyi quit alcohol for good after what happened on Saturday.

The mother of three revealed she had chosen to be a teetotaler after a near-death experience that left her shaken.

In a post on social media, Murugi Munyi said the incident that made her quit booze occurred just over a week ago.

However, some of her fans were skeptical and responded with memes and humorous comments.

In a quick rejoinder, Munyi assured her fans she was steering clear of alcohol whether they believe her or not.

“For some reason, you people don’t believe me, but let me tell you guys… what I went through last week, even the word alcohol is making me want to throw up… I don’t think you people understand how I was feeling last week Saturday,” Munyi said while pleading with her fans to refrain from making light of her decision.

The content creator assured her fans that time would be the ultimate judge of her sincerity, vowing not to break her commitment.

“Wait for it to be three months, 6 months, a year, and you will know that I was serious… That’s how bad it was,” she said.

Most people didn’t believe that Munyi has quit alcohol because of her love for the drink.

The content creator spoke about her alcohol addiction in a past interview with Lynn Ngugi.

She revealed that alcoholism ran deep with in her family.

“My dad, despite being financially present, was absent both physically and emotionally due to his own battles with alcoholism. Now, my sister has been wrestling with addiction for a decade. It has been a tumultuous journey for her and our family,” she said.

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