“I’m scared to eat it”- Nigerian lady shows off odd-looking yam sent to her in school

The strangely shaped yam tuber in the video has sparked a lot of responses. Favour Onyenwe shared the video on TikTok, claiming that the yam was delivered to her by her school.

Favour explained in the video that the yam’s form, which resembles a piece of carved wood, is why she was afraid of it.

The yam’s three holes almost give it the appearance of a lengthy mask or skull. It’s been compared to a Halloween yam by others.

Favour captioned the video: β€œThe yam they sent to me to eat in school. Gosh I am scared to eat this yam. If it were you, will eat it?”

Reactions as a woman receives an odd-looking yam tuber at school

@everyone girlfriend said: β€œHalloween yam. Please, don’t eat it. This yam is worth 500k dollars.”

@Inis’tichies β€œHungry never catch you.”

@SBV said: β€œDem carry your village oracle come give you as yam.”

@$bridget#$$ β€œThat yam was sent to monitor you.”

@Nancy Ukueku β€œIt looks like one of those transfigured souls Mahito carries in his pocket, in jujitsu kaisen.”

@Serah β€œJust eat it with anointing oil.”

@Scruff Mcgruff Just reason with the yam first before you cook am chop.”

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