A Nigerian man expresses disappointment after graduating with a CGPA of 4.47

  • Dina, a Nigerian man on the popular microblogging platform X, has expressed disappointment after graduating with a CGPA of 4.47.
  • The X user attempted to graduate with a first-class degree with a 4.5CGPA, but ended up with a 4.47CGPA, still falling in the second-class upper degree category.
A Nigerian man expresses disappointment after graduating with a CGPA of 4.47

In Nigerian universities that uses 5.00 as their CGPA, the second-class upper degree starts from a CGPA of 3.5 to 4.49.

Dina, an X user, challenges the Nigerian University Commission and the Senate’s decision to put 3.5CGPA on par with 4.49CGPA (second class upper).

Dina went on to say that he finds this annoying and that he regrets never having reached a 4.47 CGPA because it is still 0.03 short of putting him in the first class degree category.

He wrote; “It still annoys me that 3.5gp and 4.49gp are both second class upper… I regret ever getting to 4.47 man💔💔.”

See reactions below;

sharon_collectibles:  It can be extremely annoying! 3.45 is second class lower. It annoys me anytime I think of my GPA. like why not approximate it for mee to enter 3.5 which second class upper.

bolbelle’s:  Where are my fellow second class upper??? Those of you that made first class, na oversabi dey worry you people. Make I use this one hold body.

only_1_bim: honestly there’s supposed to be second class, then second class upper , then second class upper upper and lastly second class Ontop.

lifted_________: What about me that graduated with a CGPA of 3.49.

dansky_exchange: Lol as long as I no fail who cares about Cgpa just graduate that’s the thing and get you cert if you like get 5.600478 e no mean say you go do better than me.

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