Heavy downpour of rain floods Dubai airport, residential areas

A severe storm and heavy rainfall causes flooding in several parts of Dubai including airports, malls, and residential areas.

Recently, Dubai experienced heavy rainfall which caused flooding in many areas as seen in widely circulated videos on social media.

Downpour of rain floods Dubai airport, residential areas
Dubai flood.

An airplane could be seen in motion, controlled by the waves from the intense flooding. According to some reports, many were left stranded in the UAE due to mass flight cancellations following heavy rain.

Some of these individuals have been stuck at the airport for hours without access to food or the ability to leave.

Media personality Angela Nwosu, who resides in Dubai, shared a video of her kitchen after the heavy rain, showing how it was affected. She explained that they had been dealing with water all day.

Read netizens’ reactions below:

Rankingtv asked: “Na the same Dubai wey dey talk say e better pass Nigeria bdis or another Dubai de?”

Paulozma queried: “So upon all the money wey dem get dem no fit get better flood control system?”

Jerry Doubles stated: “This is just messy on all fronts… Dry Dubai is now flooded”

Maya Banks said: “This is some crazy flood. Cars submerged”

Omo Kogi noted: “Almost everywhere in the middle east is flooded… Some with casualties. Be safe japarians 🙏❤️”


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