“Before KOK go use ham for ritual later”- Pete Edochie Does Sign of the Cross After Shaking Kanayo O Kanayo, Video Trends

Famous Nigerian actor Kanayo O Kanayo paid a visit to his veteran colleague Pete Edochie’s home recently.

The actor posted a video of the occasion on his official Instagram page, showcasing the moment when he and the other guests greeted the elderly Edochie.

KOK claimed that after visiting Edochie’s Enugu home, the actor gave him a delicious bowl of fish pepper soup.

He wrote: “Stopped over at Ebubedike Chief Pete Edochie’s Enugu Home for delicious fish pepper soup. Thank you Sir for having me.”

In the video that went with the caption, Edochie and KOK exchanged a customary welcome by slapping their palms together three times, followed by a standard handshake and finger snaps.

But Pete Edochie went one better, making the sign of the cross after shaking hands with KOK. Check out the video below:

Many internet users took notice of Pete Edochie’s behavior of making the sign of the cross after shaking hands with KOK, and they responded accordingly.

See a few of their remarks below:

official_sir_donvsmart: “Pete doing the sign of the cross.”

maleezzi: “Wait o, Pete shake you come do sign of the cross, meaning em dey even fear your power.”

lazier19: “I just love your unity and love you have for each other God bless you all you made me fall in love with nollywood in such a way that if uncomfortable not see you in movies.”

ugochukwuaguwa: “I love to own a home in Enugu someday.”

steve.tanyi: “Baba do sign of cross. who nor fear SACRIFICE is the beginning of doom.”

kelly.chris23: “This is beautiful.” chukwuebuka_ _042: “Great men legends.”

dcmarvy: “Legends in the making, respect to you all.”

isa_meyon: “Abeg why did big Daddy do cross signg after shaking hands with Uncle KOK.”

tundeevra: “Baba quickly did sign of cross before KOK go use ham for ritual later.”

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