“BBN production needs to do better” Erica Nlewedim

  • Erica reacts to Ilebaye’s victory, noting that the leaks on who would emerge the winner has become very obvious every season
  • Erica stated that she has already known Ilebaye would win the night before the grand finale
  • Erica receives heavy backlash for her reaction towards Ilebaye’s victory 

Following the finale of the all stars show, former BBNaija housemate Erica Nlewedim expressed her thoughts on the recent victory of Ilebaye.

Clearly disappointed, Erica didn’t shy away from sharing her candid views as she remarked.

The reality star didn’t hold back in expressing her opinion on the production team behind the show, urging them to step up their game.

Erica Nlewedim counseled the group to handle the leaks better via her Twitter page.

She claimed that since Saturday night, she already knew Ilebaye would win.

BBN production should do better with the leas Sha. It was already known since last night” She wrote.

Erica’s reaction to Ilebaye’s win has sparked a debate among BBNaija fans, with many tackling her in the comment section.

Witty Jenny wrote, “Aunty rest! This Baye win is sponsored by “Say No to Bullying”.

Bukola Kemi wrote, “Shut up, people predict sinners every year, that ma to Ike and the other lions/lionesses that gave a small rat to the viewers

Erica Pearl Official wrote, “So many flops from production. The audience was irritating as hell

Mimsha Chvic wrote, “But it was obvious nau, such one be leak?? Mtchewwwwww I knew Ilebaye was going to win from the day Ike pulled that stunt.

Sigalo Daniel wrote, “That’s how they leaked her disqualification

Kambel Barry wrote, “Ma rest. Wait for BBN all disqualified show

Gun Girl wrote, “Pained? Nothing leak rest. Celebrate person make them follow celebrate you ah ah”.

Erica was a huge fan of Ceec, who was second runner-up on the recently concluded competition.

The reality actress made headlines after declaring her love for Ceec, whom she dubbed the winner of this season.

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