“Alfa go need wheelchair if e reach day 15,” – Muslim cleric reportedly faints inside bus on the second day of Ramadan

On the second day of Ramadan, a Nigerian Muslim cleric known as an Alfa made headlines after apparently fainting inside a bus.

This is seen in a recent video captioned: “This is only day 1, and the Alfa is about to faint inside the bus.”

In the footage, the Alfa can be seen asleep, resting on the arm of another passenger.

According to the description, the Alfa nearly collapsed while keeping the Ramadan fast, which began on March 11.

Concerned people swarmed the comment area on social media shortly after the video was posted.

Here are some reactions below.

Big_pearl: “If e reach day 15, Alfa go need wheelchair.”

Dami: “And today own no really shak like that na.”

🔀 kay2raw🔁: “The incantation be like Ghana 🇬🇭 national Anthem.”

🆔🆔🆔🆔🆔🆔🆔: “Alfa been fasting since Tinubu got to power so make una let Alfa relax in peace.”

Elena: “I still dey reason if I go fast tomorrow self.”

BabyNai’lah&mummy: “Ee be like say alfa don start wasi for ilekewu.”

Beekay: “Ehh Alfa day 1 fasting.”

Olamilekan: “I can’t stop laffin.”

De-GENERAL: “Tinubu fasting don meet Ramadan.”

Tm_luxuryunits: “Same thing happened to me today, I woke up when I remembered my phone make no steal

mimy: “i no even feel today fasting at all.”

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