“I’ve always thought that OBO hated me” — Omah Lay reacts after Davido gives him a shoutout

Omah Lay, a Nigerian singer, is surprised when Davido gives a shoutout to him when he was with Kai Cenat on the American’s livestream.

The performer was really moved by the gesture and turned to Twitter to express his feelings.

According to him, he used to assume the OG singer loathed him but just realized this was not the case.

Davido was playing Omah Lay’s song ‘Reason’ while driving with Kai Cenat at night.

While playing it, he introduced Kai to the singer, noting that he is “hot asf”.

Kai Cenat, who fondly recalls Omah Lay as the man who danced with another man’s girlfriend on stage, stated he was terrified of him and begged him not to steal his girlfriend.

Omah Lay, who was appreciative for the exposure Davido provided on the livestream, is now confident that the musician does not despise him.

He Tweeted:

“I’ve always thought OBO hated me!”

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