You’re suffering in relationship because you don’t have money

Popular reality star, Tochi asserts that if a lady is suffering in a relationship, it would be because she doesn’t have money of her own.

The fashion model took to his Instagram page to make the assertion as he delved into why some ladies express discomfort in their relationships.

tochi suffering relationship
Tochi. Photo source: Instagram.

According to Tochi, a lady who is suffering in a relationship would only be experiencing that because she doesn’t have money of her own.

He said that a lady who has her own money won’t have to experience any suffering in her relationship.

The BBNaija star went further to add that the lady was probably suffering even before the relationship with her man.

His words:

“if you’re are suffering in a relationship as a babe! is simply because you self don’t have money! because if you have money you wont suffer! even before the relationship you were suffering..”

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