Young couple lands in hospital after taking ‘brownies’ (Video)

Young couple experiences an unexpected reaction that landed them in the hospital after trying brownies for the first time.

A video making the rounds on social media captured the before and after moments of two lovers who decided to spice things up with a new delicacy.

Young lovers before trying brownies. Photo Credit: Thingsdeyoccur
Source: Instagram

The couple who looked fine after taking the brownies noticed a strange feeling which prompted brushing their teeth. It, however, didn’t stop the reactions from the cake which is supposedly laced with something else other than pastry ingredients.

They both were admitted to the hospital and swore never to try the pastry ever again.

Young couple lands in hospital after taking 'brownies' (Video)
Young couple after taking ‘brownies’. Photo Credit: Thingsdeyoccur
Source: Instagram

Reactions trailing couple who tried brownies

Anna BE Lle wrote: “Me and my friends slept for 2 days straight we didn’t even realize we’ve slept that long we take brownie on Friday night wake up on Monday morning 😂”

Pre_Pre☺️❤️ penned: “I just read through comment I guess am the only one that don’t know what’s brownies”

Celynukam_ stated: “Never never 😂😂😂 slept from Tuesday to Thursday 😂😂me and my friend come dey beg God forgiveness😂😂”

Christabel noted: “Omo never again oh i been dey hear color they see sounds 😂”

Babykwintemi🌸 stated: “I can never forget 😂😂😂was literally begging God for forgiveness 😂😂”

Chiamaka1 added: “I was slept for two days straight my mum had to check if I was still breathing … I see heaven come back 😂😂”

COCAINEEE opined: “Omo I remember me fighting demons & asking myself in the mirror God what’s wrong with me 😂😂 fyi : I made the brownies myself 🤣”

Watch the video below …

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